Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Roof care is essential!  It not only hugely improves and refreshes the appearance of your property, but also prolongs the life of your roof. 

Growth of algae and moss on your roof can cause damage over time by trapping in moisture and promoting rot.  Correct care can give you the best protection against this.  The best solution is to remove all dirt, moss and other debris from the surface of the roof and prevent reoccurrence with a roof biocide treatment.


  • Site preparation, including protective sheeting of areas beneath the roof and vegetation surrounding the area we are working in.
  • Depending of the type and condition of roof tile and surface, we use especially designed scrapers or pressure washing to remove dirt, moss and other debris.
  • Application of a professional biocide to prevent further regrowth and to kill remaining organic materials
  • Vacuuming and clearing all gutters, downpipes and clearance of surrounding areas.

To book a free consultation please contact us to make an appointment or send us pictures of your roof for a quick and easy estimate. 

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